Kerosene’s aiming to marry the best of new school connected game design with ultra-creative game studios who believe that story and IP development still matter. We help our developer partners create new kinds of gaming experiences-- gamers’ games: beautiful, fun to play, hard to put down, with lots of passive progress and engagement.
Production Team

We want to publish the world’s greatest mobile games from developers all over the world, and our expert team of producers can lift your game from great to stunning.

Multiple Platforms

We work closely with every major platform owner to raise awareness for your titles, giving you the best possible merchandising opportunities.

Scientific User Acquisition

With performance-tested ad campaigns and distribution partnerships, we can help your game hit critical mass, climb the charts, and reach a global audience.

Magnify Your Message

Our close, trusted network of contacts in the gaming press will give your game fair, honest reviews and help you reach millions of avid gamers.

Network Icon
The Kerosene Network

Immediately reach Kerosene’s network of gamers and engage all users on a deeper level with easy-to-implement, effective social features.

Pie Chart
Data Driven Iteration

Our data science team will help you instrument detailed in-game analytics and provide you with real-time reports and actionable insights.

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